This is a comprehensive list of all items and benches that can be crafted in the game.

First you need to warp in a Work Bench from the Portal for a cost of (1) Dirt.

Once you place the Work Bench you can interect with is and create many other types of Benches that will allow you to craft many different items.

Tables can be Leveled Up to unlock even more items to be crafted.

Crafting 'Tables'
Table Cost Description
Work bench

1 Wood

(Must be Warped in from the portal)

The gateway to crafting
Campfire 10 Sticks Allows you to make Torches
Craft bench

1 Dirt

1 Stick

Craft Baskets and More
Woodwork Bench 1 Wood Craft with wood
Tailor's Bench

1 Stone

5 Flax

Craft Clothing


1 Dirt

1 Clay

10 Sticks

Charcoal and Pottery


1 Stone

10 Charcoal


1 Stone

1 Wood

Press oil or Pigments
Mixing bench

1 Stone

1 Tin Bucket

5 Oil

Paint The Walls
Dye Bench

1 Stone

1 Bucket of Water

1 Linen

Dye Clothes

1 Stone

100 Time Crystals

Place a Portal anywhere

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