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Welcome to TheBlockheads Wiki!
This is a Wikia to give all available information for the application "The Blockheads".

What is The Blockheads Wiki?
The Blockheads is a 2-D sandbox game for iOS created by Magic Jungle Software. (

You can explore, mine, grow crops, and build in a large randomly generated world. Tasks such as crafting take time but can be rushed with items called Time Crystals.

Starter Guide
There are a few things that you should do first if you can't figure out what to do.
  • Warp in a Work Bench from the Portal when you have at least 1 dirt block.
  • Using the Work Bench, craft a Campfire and a Tool Bench.
  • Harvest seeds and fruit from the various Plants you see.
  • Build a shelter.




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    So my name is steyn but you can call me stety. I'm 13 years old and i'm from Belgium.

    If you want to say me someting you can do that, place something on my facebook or on my blog.

    nice to meet you ever…

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    Here's how to make lots of money! This one is possibly the fastest way to earn a lot of coins. 


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    Step 4: You're almost done! Go back to a trade portal and sell them!

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    Here's how to earn lots of money with Tin Rarity Items!

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    Step 1a. If you picked ore, you need a furnace. Craft as many…

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