Weather is an environmental element in the game. Currently there are four types of weather: Clear, Overcast, Rain, and Snow.


File:Clear Day.png

Clear skies are the most common state of weather in The Blockheads. In the daytime, the sky will be a bright blue and shows no clouds. At night, the stars are visible.


File:Overcast Night.png

Cloudy weather is characterized by reduced ambient lighting, with gray skies in the day and dark gray skies at night.


File:Rain Day.png

Drops of water are falling down from the skies, appearing as thin, white lines, making a splash effect when hitting the ground. The sky appears overcast. A blockhead doesn't like to be out of shelter when it is raining, causing the environment bar to be decreased. It may snow above locations where it is raining.


The least common weather, mostly appearing near the poles and at higher altitudes. Snowflakes fall from the sky and cover the surface with snow, deepening as more falls without any "melting" due to warmer air.

Water blocks exposed to the cold air associated with snow may turn into ice, sometimes to a considerable depth. A blockhead should wear warm articles of clothing in order to prevent freezing (and a possible loss of health. The North Pole Hat of Warmth is most effective.

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