The first time I saw The Blockheads in the appstore, the first thing I thought (As in, the VERY first thing I thought) was: Oh, look, it's a Minecraft rip-off. The thought was instantaneous.

But of course it was free, so I downloaded it.

Turns out The Blockheads isn't just some big rip-off or anything, it's actually got fundamental differences from the more widely known Minecraft as well as upsides and downsides.

Being only two-dimensional, it certainly puts a new twist on things. That isn't good or bad, but it isn't always great. However something that many users likely find not so convenient is the entire time schmeal. Unlike Minecraft (And yes, I'm going to repeatedly compare it to Minecraft) actions actually take time - sometimes minutes. This may not be all that bad at the beginning, but the more you use the game the more it becomes a total hassle. I find myself leaving my iPod on much more than I used to and draining its battery power so that actions can complete. You see, actions do not continue if you change apps or even go into sleep mode.

This game doesn't really have enemies that I've found other than what looks to be a gorilla that spawns on Pine Trees. And even that is rare. But the only actual animals I've encountered are the gorilla and a donkey - making for a not that widespread game. While it has an enormous variety of plants, the actually interactive beings seem to have been forgotten.

Those are the major issues. Really, it's a nice game, but there are definitely some things that could be improved on in future updates.


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