• User J2

    The first time I saw The Blockheads in the appstore, the first thing I thought (As in, the VERY first thing I thought) was: Oh, look, it's a Minecraft rip-off. The thought was instantaneous.

    But of course it was free, so I downloaded it.

    Turns out The Blockheads isn't just some big rip-off or anything, it's actually got fundamental differences from the more widely known Minecraft as well as upsides and downsides.

    Being only two-dimensional, it certainly puts a new twist on things. That isn't good or bad, but it isn't always great. However something that many users likely find not so convenient is the entire time schmeal. Unlike Minecraft (And yes, I'm going to repeatedly compare it to Minecraft) actions actually take time - sometimes minutes.…

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  • User J2

    Wiki is up!

    January 16, 2013 by User J2

    Title explains all.

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