• I live in some weird place
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Animating.(?)
  • I am a spooky alien
  • DJSniv7

    Its my second wow already but this time its based on buckets (not kidding) and i try to colect tin

    So first i got four boats in case of my boat brakes but i found a pillar in the water

    On top was A SKIRT OF HAPINESS Witch was what its called please post repliey of this or wikia page Since i dont know about this skirt,but anyway after that i meditated and i got gold and clay

    Im finally done this chapter i will take a picture of gold

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  • DJSniv7

    Well hello there and welcome to first of Snivys lol adventure but lets get started um look at my person

    Ok i am gona cook iron but ummmmm yea takes alot to cook

    Five ours later....

    Yay i got iron and i forgot to mention my portal

    Well bye guys and see next time

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