The components of the user interface are how a player instructs and interacts with the blockheads they control in the game.

Main InterfaceEdit

File:Blockhead Interface.png

The main interface fills the device's display with a view of part of the active world surrounded by various controls and displays. Summoned windows tend to appear in the middle of the display.

Layout and UsageEdit

  1. Blockhead
  2. Portal
  3. Pause Button
  4. Time Crystal
  5. Blockhead name
  6. Health Bar
  7. Happiness Bar
  8. Character Status Icon
  9. Hand
  10. Item Slot for clothing of feet
  11. Item slot for clothing of lower body
  12. Item slot for clothing of upper body
  13. Item slot for clothing for head
  14. Single item slots
  15. Basket with expanded item slots

Character Status WindowEdit

File:Character Status Window.png

The character status window is summoned by tapping the character status icon for the active blockhead.

Layout and UsageEdit

  1. Health Bar
  2. Happiness Bar
  3. Hunger Bar
  4. Energy Bar
  5. Environment Bar
  6. Character status
  7. Warp in workbench button
  8. Meditate button
  9. Sleep button

Other ComponentsEdit

File:Character Status Icon Zoom.png
File:Welcome Back.png

Some components, such as the death and air bars or some inventory slots, will appear adjacent to another component instead of in the middle of the display.

Layout and UsageEdit

  1. Air Bar
  2. Death Bar
  3. Welcome Back

Device Differences (iPad/iPhone/iPod/other)Edit

Each component is of a consistent size in pixels. Their arrangement and proportion to the entire display is affected by the resolution of the device and its orientation.

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