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what are the "unknown" items? The "unknown" item is very strange. It sometimes randomly appears in a player's inventory, or can be acquired in other ways (we'll get back to that later). They can appear as many items in The Blockheads... as a block, tool or other item. They can even appear as a time crystal! But the thing is, when you tap on them to highlight the item, the item's name shows up as "unknown".

Hmm. How strange.

This item appears to be a simple stone pickaxe, but the game calls it "Unknown". Huh. Guess it must just be a naming bug... right?

Can it be used? The thing is, it isn't. When a block of stone or similar material is hit with this strange wonder from the heavens, you break the block as fast as with your hand. It is as if you are hitting the block using nothing at all. The item also does not degrade and break, like normal pickaxes do. It's the same with other "unknown" items. Blocks of this nature can't be placed, tools can't be used, foods cannot be eaten, other items cannot be used at all. They can't be sold at trade portals, either. They're just an icon taking up space in your inventory.

But, so what? Who cares if you have unknown items? You can just put them away or carry them around all you want, can't you? Who cares?

Why does this matter? Guess what. It does matter! Quite unfortunately, too... Several people carrying these types of items around have reported that the blockhead carrying the item had their inventory cleared out, with all their items gone except for the unknown one. Others had the blockhead itself suddenly wiped from existence.

To prevent something so unfortunate happening to your blockheads, it's recommended that you store this item away at once. Even better, you should drop it into lava or use the item delete glitch to get rid of it. Or simply drop it somewhere remote and wait for it to despawn.

Anyway, that's my summary on the unknown item. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in the future. Thanks for reading this!