Trees are structures that naturally occur that consist of a trunk, with many leaves surrounding it.

Trees can also be Fruit trees.

You need to use an axe to cut the wood and a machete to cut the leaves! Cutting trunks gives wood and cutting leaves makes sticks.


  • A Bear might be in a certain spot on the trunk (this goes for all Trees), usually at the last spot of the trunk. At night, when your Blockhead walks past the Tree with a Bear, theBear climbs down and attacks you, depleting  about 20% of your Blockhead's Health and Happiness.
    • The heatlh and happiness depletion also occurs when your Blockhead attacks the bear.
  • If you chop the last Wood on the trunk, everything will fall to the ground, including all Sticks, bears and Fruit (if there are any), and Wood.
    • If the tree chopped down had a bear, the bear attacks you and goes find another tree to climb up and stay there.
  • When you dig up the Dirt under a tree, the entire tree dies, but all the resources from it are still obtainable even if the dirt wasn't removed from under the tree.

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