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This page is about the huge update that happened June 25,2013

Added itemsEdit

They added treasure chests,shelves,and a huge server update. AND more!! but the thing that bugs me is they added this super zoomed-out camera where you can see from space too the middle of the earth but I noticed trees fall down if you zoom into them when you were out!


They added servers & with that they added shops or this item in the woodwork bench that lets you sell stuff

oh and they added this metalwork bench with iron doors,safes,& iron trapdoors 

File:IMG 3342.png

For the dark side trollers and that from other games (any games with servers have trolls) and how could I forget the soft beds! they are better than wood beds and they let your blockheads proceed more and not slow down with energy decreasing! more info (or a better description) go too and go under what's new!

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