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The Blockheads app icon (iOS 7)

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The Blockheads is a two-dimensional exploration, building, crafting, and survival sandbox game developed by Majic Jungle Software set in a massive, evolving, procedurally-generated world. The player controls avatars called blockheads that can destroy or create blocks, collect or craft material resources, or form exotic structures, while exploring an enriched world with equators, poles, temperature and climate seasons, oceans, mountain ranges, deserts and vast underground cave networks using a wide range of resources.

The Blockheads was first released on 10 January 2013 on Apple's App Store, and was approved on 21 December 2012. It was first launched on Android being ported by Noodlecake Studios on 9 October 2013 for Canadian Android devices. It was later released world wide the next day. It is currently available to players for free.

The Blockheads offers in-app purchases for time crystals, double-time, and an HD texture pack. The developer of the game, David Frampton, also created an official forum for the game.


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