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Location/Made On Builder's Bench
Stackable Yes (99)
"An easier path."

A set of stairs is a special item for quick diagonal travel. They are made on multiple crafting surfaces and of various materials. Most stairs were introduced in version 1.5, while glass, black glass, carbon fiber, titanium, and platinum stairs were added in version 1.6.


All stairs have as a minimum a set of three squares in a diagonal through a one-block space. As an icon or when placed with solid blocks both below and to the side, they will appear to fill the area they cover as well. Their color is dependent on what block they were crafted from.

Placed stairs have a default of going from the lower left to upper right. When another set of stairs is diagonally adjacent, both will realign to form a continuous set. This can be affected by adjacent solid blocks or stairs in two different diagonals.

Where FoundEdit

All types of stairs are made on the builder's bench (formerly the stonemason's bench), with metal and carbon fiber types requiring level 2. Two stairs can be crafted from one block of material with the exception of carbon fiber stairs, which require one carbon fiber sheet for each stairs.

There are no stairs made of dirt, sand, black sand, compost, or reinforced platforms.

Prior to version 1.6, wood stairs were crafted at the woodwork bench, brick stairs at the kiln and electric kiln, metal stairs at the metalwork bench or the electric metalwork bench.

Lvl. 1 Builder's Bench
50px Wood Stairs
50px Stone Stairs
50px Limestone Stairs
50px Marble Stairs
50px Sandstone Stairs
50px Red Marble Stairs
50px Lapis Lazuli Stairs
50px Basalt Stairs
50px Glass Stairs
50px Black Glass Stairs
50px Brick Stairs
50px Ice Stairs
Lvl. 2 Builder's Bench
50px Copper Stairs
50px Tin Stairs
50px Bronze Stairs
50px Iron Stairs
50px Steel Stairs
50px Gold Stairs
50px Carbon Fiber Stairs
50px Titanium Stairs
50px Platinum Stairs


No matter what the materials, all stairs are placed and removed as easily as any decorative item by just tapping on the space. There must be a back wall or underlying solid block.

Proper placement of stairs is in the block spaces that will be used by a blockhead's feet. The top of the stairs should be level with the top of any solid block that will be stepped onto.

A blockhead will treat stairs as an open space unless it's trying to move diagonally. When a blockhead's path coincides with the presence of stairs, it will move quickly along the proper diagonal without interruption.

Stairs do not reduce the height of available open space or restrict the passage of light.


The first time a player has a blockhead travel across a set of stairs, they acquire the achievement "Step Up".

A blockhead using stairs does not easily transition between that and a ladder.

Ice stairs will melt into a half block of water if it is warm enough.

Animals will not use stairs. This allows them to be used in combination with other barriers to block animals but pass blockheads.

A horizontal series of stairs can function as an odd-looking walkway across a wide gap with back wall. Stairs will not work vertically.


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