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Category Food
Use Food, Farming
Location/Made On Orange Tree
Stackable Yes (99)

An orange is a citrus resource food item that can be planted or consumed.


Oranges are easily recognizable for their small, round orange appearance and similarity to their real life counterparts.

Where FoundEdit

Oranges are found growing on orange trees located in nearly all warm biome regions.


Oranges grow seasonally on orange trees and are harvested by hand. Oranges may also be collected by felling the tree that bears the fruit and picking them up from the ground. Agriculturally, the fruit can be placed in a block of dirt or compost to grow an orange tree for farming additional oranges.

Oranges are most often harvested year-round, with the exception of early summer.


As standard with fruit when consumed, an orange restores health and hunger to a blockhead.

Oranges are one of the fruits that might be required to warp in another blockhead at a portal.


Five oranges can be used to craft compost at a compost bin from version 1.6 onwards.

Some, or most, of this page's contents was copied from The Blockheads Wiki at
Location Input Item 1 Input Item 2 Input Item 3 Input Item 4 Crafted Output
Compost Bin 40px + + + = 40px
Orange [[]] [[]] [[]] Compost
Quantity 5 {{{Qty2}}} {{{Qty3}}} {{{Qty4}}} 1
Rush Cost
8 TC
4 TC


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