Meditating can be performed by pressing your blockheads name on the left of the sceen (landscape) or at the top of the screen (portrait), then pressing the meditate button at the bottom of the Blockheads profile. Meditating makes the game run 20 times faster and can be used to skip night times or on a bigger scale take you through seasons And it's so OP.
Blockhead meditating

A blockhead meditating

The meditating bar shown whilst meditating fills up as you meditate, because the bar takes 15 real world minutes to fill up, it retains over time e.g. if you meditate until the bar is a quarter full then stop, when you start meditating again the bar will still be a quarter full. When the bar fills the player will be given an item. Items range all the from oranges to time crystals!

File:The Blockheads - 'Meditate' Teaser

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