File:Character Status Window.png

A blockhead's physical condition is displayed on its health bar.

Where LocatedEdit

A health bar is displayed next to a blockhead's reference icon on the left side of the screen as the upper bar with a red heart on its left. It is also displayed in the menu for eating food as well on a blockhead's full status window.


A blockhead's health is reduced by physical injury (such as from falling or animal attack) or environmental issues including eating too many chillies, running out of air, or becoming too hot or cold.

If a blockhead's health becomes empty, damage is now reflected on the death bar. When the death bar becomes empty, blockheads can die, starting in version 1.5, but they can be regenerated at a portal.


Making a blockhead eat something will usually restore its health as well as relieving hunger.

A blockhead immersed (but not completely submerged) in steaming water will receive a steady increase of health.

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