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Where found

The Golden Chest are created only on the generation of a new world. They might be spawn them when using version 1.3 BlockHeads or future version.They are located on a bedrock air gap. They can be found in caves/mines or under seas. For more active use, bring to house or populated area and use as regular chest or store wealthier content inside.


Golden chests function just as crafted chest,But they look yellow or golden. They can be put anywhere , carried , relocated and stacked.

When spawned, they may contain copper coinsgold coinscopper ingotsiron ingotsgold ingots, and  gems.By the way , gems most commonly appear singly, but have been found in multiples.


So this is the picture. Under of the ocean you will saw something like sand blocks. But it yellow colour/color chest , so that a Gold Chest.

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