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A gem tree is a rare type of tree introduced in version 1.6.


Although colored similarly to the gem type they pair with, a gem tree otherwise resembles a very large tree. They tend to have leaves arranged in broad, shallow patterns different from other tree types.

Particles descend from gem tree leaves, suggestive of falling petals.

Regardless of the type of tree, all gem trees glow blue in the dark.

Where FoundEdit

Gem trees only spawn during world generation (or in unrevealed areas of older worlds opened in 1.6) on marble floating islands. They do not grow larger and cannot be planted or relocated.


Each gem tree will produce "fruit" in the form of gems based on its type. These will spawn every eight years (32 game days). These gems can be harvested by hand or by having a blockhead pass through the space they're in. Such gem "fruit" do not generate light the way placed or unmined gems do.

Tree branches can be harvested for sticks and trunks for wood. However, the trees will not regrow. If the tree is cut down, gems may also fall.


Amethyst TreeEdit

Amethyst trees are the most common type of gem tree and spawn amethysts. They have purple coloring.

Sapphire TreeEdit

Sapphire trees are the second most common type of gem tree and spawn sapphires. They have blue coloring.

Emerald TreeEdit

Emerald trees are the third most common type of gem tree and spawn emeralds. They have green coloring.

Ruby TreeEdit

Ruby trees are the second least common type of gem tree and spawn rubies. They have red coloring.

Diamond TreeEdit

Diamond trees are the least common type of gem tree and spawn diamonds. They have light blue coloring.

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