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The Blockheads, like most other games, gets occasional updates, adding new features and fixing bugs and glitches.

The update process for major updates starts with the developer of The Blockheads, David Frampton creating an update, followed by testing by the Majic Jungle beta team on iOS. After thorough testing, the release candidate build is sent to Noodlecake and Apple. Noodlecake then ports the update to Android, and does their own testing. Once both builds are approved by Apple, Google, and Amazon, the update goes live for all devices.

Minor updates do not have to be released simultaneously, such as version 1.5.2, where the Android version was released 30 days after the Apple release.

The longest wait between updates was between 1.4 and 1.5 on iOS, with a wait of 174 days. The shortest wait between updates was between and on Android, at a length of one day. It has been 1006 days since the last update was released for iOS. It has been 976 days since the last update was released for Android.

iOS Android
Update Date Days until next
Update Major
1.0 2013-01-10 9 28
1.0.1 2013-01-19 19
1.1 2013-02-07 4 32
1.1.1 2013-02-11 28
1.2 2013-03-11 16 106
1.2.1 2013-03-27 90
1.3 2013-06-25 10 107
1.3.1 2013-07-05 13 97
1.3.2 2013-07-18 84
1.4 2013-10-10 174
1.5 2014-04-02 55 231
1.5.1 2014-05-27 60 176
1.5.2 2014-07-26 116
1.6 2014-11-19 --
Update Date Days until next
Update Major
1.4 2013-10-10 6 174 2013-10-16 1 168 2013-10-17 6 167 2013-10-23 3 161 2013-10-26 158
1.5 2014-04-02 83 231
1.5.1 2014-06-24 90 148
1.5.2 2014-08-25 8 86 2014-09-02 3 78 2014-09-05 7 75 2014-09-12 18 68 2014-09-30 50
1.6 2014-11-19 7 -- 2014-11-26 23 -- 2014-12-19 --

Update (Android only) - Friday December 19, 2014Edit


  • Bug fixes

Game updates/20141126a

Update - Wednesday November 19, 2014Edit

Game updates/20140930a
Game updates/20140912a
Game updates/20140905a
Game updates/20140902a
Game updates/20140726
Game updates/20140527

Update - Wednesday April 2, 2014Edit


Game updates/20131026a
Game updates/20131023a
Game updates/20131017a
Game updates/20131016a

Update - Thursday October 10, 2013Edit



  • Newly placed beds, signs, chests, shelves, trains and workbenches are now owned by whoever placed them, and cannot be picked up or directly removed by other players. They also no longer despawn.
  • New server command to reset the owner of a username
  • Banning users now also black lists their device, so they cannot reconnect with a different username and IP
  • Water freezing and melting no longer causes an increase in water volume
  • Added new moderator category to servers that can only list, ban/unban, kick, and whitelist/unwhitelist other players.
  • Admins and hosts can now pick up and use all items regardless of who the owner is. Placing any picked up item re-assigns ownership to the host/admin. Dropping any item removes all ownership.
  • It is now possible to hang workbenches and chests on back walls and stack them above each other
  • Removed ability to purchase ore/coal/oil/ingots from portals, it was a bit too much like cheating.
  • Fixes a bug where all blockheads could occasionally instantly lose all health (the heart attack bug)
  • Fixes issues with pathfinding, including falls when digging ceilings or removing ladders, and queued actions getting canceled when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixes issue allowing people to log in as someone else on iOS 7, or when they were marked (AWAY)
  • Kicked/Banned players' blockheads are now removed from the world instantly.
  • Now only one username can be active on a given server from a given device at one time.
  • Fixes issues where items could get lost or duplicated when exiting the game.
  • Numerous changes to tech tree and where things are crafted, with some new upgrades.
  • Added buttons to use the current item/eat/wear/take photo etc. next to the inventory as well as above the blockhead.
  • Many performance optimizations
  • Fixed long standing bug where chili and corn plants couldn't have just the fruit harvested by harvesting top square.

Game updates/20130718
Game updates/20130705
Game updates/20130625
Game updates/20130327
Game updates/20130311
Game updates/20130211
Game updates/20130207
Game updates/20130119

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