The Furnace is a crafting surface. it is made in a Work Bench with 1 Stone and 10 charcoal.

Level 1 Furnace:Edit

Name:                Description                                    Items Required:            Picture    
Copper Ingot Craft with Copper. 3 Copper Ore

Copper Ingot

Tin Ingot   Craft with Tin. 3 Tin Ore
Tin ingot

Tin Ingot

Bronze Ingot   Craft with Bronze.
Bronze ingot

Bronze Ingot

Level 2 Upgrade Unlock new things to craft. 3 Iron Ore
Level 2 furnace

Level 2 Furnace

 Level 2 Furnace:Edit

Name: Description: Items Required: Image:
Iron Ingot Craft with Iron 3 Iron Ore

iron ingot

Level 2 Upgrade Unlock new things to Craft Gold Nuggets
Level 3 furnace

level 3 furnace

Level 3 Furnace:Edit

Name: Description Items Required: Image:
Steel Ingot Craft with steel.

Coming Soon

Gold Ingot Bling! 3 Gold Nuggets Coming Soon