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Eating food fills up a blockhead's health and hunger bars. Main types of food include fruit, vegetables, and some seeds. Fruit and vegetables restore a medium amount of the hunger bar, while seeds restore very little. Meat, cooked and uncooked, as well as dodo stew and fish curry restore large portion of the hunger bar.

A list of foods by how much of the hunger bar they fill:

Low filling foodsEdit

These foods below refill a blockhead's hunger bar by approximately 5%.

Name Where found
25px Coffee Crafted from a bucket of water, coffee cherry, and cup. When drank, it refills the energy bar as well.
25px Worm Digging dirt or compost with any tool with a per-stroke chance a worm will drop.
25px Flax Seed Harvesting flax bushes. Dropped from despawning flax bushes.
25px Sunflower Seed Harvesting sunflowers. Dropped from despawning sunflowers.

Medium filling foodsEdit

The foods below fill a blockhead's hunger bar by approximately 20%.

Name Where found
25px Apple Harvesting from apple trees.
25px Carrot Harvesting carrot plants. Dropped from despawning carrot plants and some dying donkeys.
25px Cherry Harvesting from cherry trees.
25px Coconut Harvesting from coconut trees.
25px Coffee Cherry Harvesting from coffee cherry trees. When eaten, it restores energy as well.
25px Dodo Egg Occasionally spawned near dodo birds.
25px Kelp Harvesting kelp. May be dropped by kelp despawning due to ice.
25px Lime A per-stroke chance while mining limestone. Harvesting from lime trees.
25px Mango Harvesting from mango trees.
25px Orange Harvesting from orange trees.

High filling foodsEdit

These foods below fill a large amount of a blockhead's hunger bar.

Name Where found
25px Raw Dodo Meat Killing dodo birds. Dropped when dodo birds die.
25px Raw Fish Killing either sharks or fish.
25px Cooked Dodo Meat Cooking raw dodo meat at a campfire or electric stove.
25px Cooked Fish Cooking raw fish meat with tin foil at a campfire or electric stove.

Maximum filling foodsEdit

These foods below fill a blockhead's hunger bar by approximately 75%. If this completely fills the bar, it will turn golden and keeping the blockhead full (not reducing) for a few minutes.

Name Where found
25px Dodo Stew Crafted using an iron pot, raw dodo meat, carrot, and corn at an electric stove.
25px Fish Curry Crafted using an iron pot, raw fish, chilli, and coconut at an electric stove.

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