The Electric Furnace is an improved version of the furnace which also crafts better ingots. To power it however you need electricity. Hence the name, electric furnace.

To build the Electric Furnace: Edit

  1. Create a Workbench
  2. Upgrade it to level 4 (5 stone, 5 bronze ingots, 5 steel ingots)
  3. Create the Metalwork Bench (5 bronze ingots, 2 coal)
  4. Upgrade it to level 2 (1 Iron Block)
  5. Craft 10 copper wire (1 bronze ingot)
  6. Then go to level 4 workbench and craft it (1 steel block, 1 iron ingot, 10 copper wire)

Note: The electric furnace will not work unless you have a source of power. The best choice when you are starting out is the Steam Generator (1 steel block, 1 steam engine, 1 electric motor) which can be powered using wood, charcoal, or coal. Also you will need copper wires to connect the furnace and the generator.

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