Dying is a feature added in version 1.5.

How it worksEdit

When a blockhead's health reaches zero, a death bar appears. When it gets completely red, the blockhead dies and regenerates until done and will return to the main portal. The instant revive costs up to 100 time crystals depending on the bar.

Possible Deaths Edit

  • Drowning or suffocating
  • Falling from very high up
  • Killed by animals
  • PvP (in servers)
  • Cave Troll(s)
  • MAGMA!!!
  • Freezing (very rarely fatal)
  • FIRE! Especially bad when sleeping in wooden beds.
  • Cacti

Update HistoryEdit

Version 1.5: Added to the game.

Notes Edit

Blockheads can also R.I.P, but it will be removed from the world FOREVER.


  • Blockheads spin when regenerating.
  • Eerie music will play when a Blockhead is close to death or is dead.

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