Most of the information was cut and pasted from The Blockheads Wiki.

Most crafting surfaces are crafted at the workbench, which is also a crafting surface.

Many crafting surfaces have several upgraded levels, allowing the Blockhead to access better or more resourceful items. To access a higher level in a crafting surface, a blockhead must collect the level item requirements and upgrade the crafting surface. Level upgrades are done in sequential order and a higher level may not be unlocked unless its previous level is unlocked.


See also: Crafting

All crafting surfaces must be in place to be used. Prior to version 1.4, they had to be placed in the open space immediately above a solid block; a back wall was not required. Starting in version 1.4, they can be placed vertically or horizontally adjacent to a solid block, other crafting surface, or on back wall. Copper wire in place will serve as a crafting surface for positioning as well (a requirement for connecting electrical components).


Below is a list of the available crafting surfaces found in the game.

50px Armor Bench
50px Builder's Bench
50px Campfire
50px Craft Bench
50px Compost Bin
50px Dye Bench
50px Easel
50px Electric Furnace
50px Electric Kiln
50px Electric Metalwork Bench
50px Electric Press
50px Electric Sluice
50px Electric Stove
50px Furnace
50px Kiln
50px Metalwork Bench
50px Mixing Bench
50px Portal
50px Press
50px Refinery
50px Tailor's Bench
50px Tool Bench
50px Train Yard
50px Woodwork Bench
50px Workbench

Three other items function similarly to crafting surfaces, but instead of crafting items they generate or store electricity.

50px Flywheel
50px Solar Panel
50px Steam Generator

Shops are also crafted at the workbench with the other crafting surfaces; however, they are not considered crafting surfaces.

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