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Location/Made On Builder's Bench
Stackable Yes (99)
"For grand designs."

A column is a decorative item. They are made on multiple crafting surfaces and of various materials. Most columns were introduced in version 1.5, while glass, black glass, carbon fiber, titanium, and platinum columns were added in version 1.6.


All columns have a central shaft shaded to appear roughly cylindrical. The bottom of the shaft has a plate-like plinth, while the top has a similar capital (or chapiter). When columns are stacked, they join together and have only one plinth and one capital. Their color is dependent on what block they were crafted from.

Columns are in the foreground, and blockheads pass behind them from a player's perspective.

Where FoundEdit

All types of columns are made on the builder's bench (formerly the stonemason's bench), with metal and carbon fiber types requiring level 2. Two columns can be crafted from one block of material with the exception of carbon fiber columns, which require one carbon fiber sheet for each column.

There are no columns made of dirt, sand, black sand, compost, or reinforced platforms.

Prior to version 1.6, wood columns were crafted at the woodwork bench, brick columns at the kiln and electric kiln, metal columns at the metalwork bench or the electric metalwork bench.

Lvl. 1 Builder's Bench
50px Wood Column
50px Stone Column
50px Limestone Column
50px Marble Column
50px Sandstone Column
50px Red Marble Column
50px Lapis Lazuli Column
50px Basalt Column
50px Glass Column
50px Black Glass Column
50px Brick Column
50px Ice Column
Lvl. 2 Builder's Bench
50px Copper Column
50px Tin Column
50px Bronze Column
50px Iron Column
50px Steel Column
50px Gold Column
50px Carbon Fiber Column
50px Titanium Column
50px Platinum Column


No matter what the materials, all columns are placed and removed as easily as any decorative item by just tapping on the space. There must be a solid block or column directly above or below.

All columns of any material interact equally. Each column segment will retain its original coloring.

Removing a supporting block or column will cause a single supported column to drop, but two or more connected columns will remain suspended where they are.

Back walls have no effect on columns and vice versa, except to block their formation as noted below. Existing leaves and other plants will prevent placement of a column.


Ice columns will melt into a half block of water if it is warm enough.

Stairs, chests, and crafting surfaces cannot be placed on top of existing columns unless a back wall is present in that space. Lanterns and rail can.

Placing a solid block on top of a column will prevent the new block from generating a back wall below it; this condition persists after the column is removed. This is similar to the effects of a reinforced platform.

Placed columns are unaffected by flowing water.


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