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Category Tool
Use Light
Location/Made On Craft Bench
Needs 5 Glass, 10 Gems (of the same type)
Stackable Yes (99)

There are five types of chandeliers: the amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and the diamond. Each is a separate inventory item that must be stacked separately. Chandeliers were introduced in version 1.1.


Chandeliers are two blocks high and two blocks wide but centered in and hang from the block space they're placed in so they cover a space three wide. They appear to be made of shining crystal and are colored based on the type of gem used to create them.

Where FoundEdit

A Blockhead can create a chandelier on a level 3 craft bench from five glass and ten gems of the same type.

The first time one of a type of chandelier is crafted, the corresponding achievement is earned.


Chandeliers are used for decoration and illumination. They are easily placed in a space with a back wall and overhead solid block. If placed on the underside of a block with no back wall (such as a reinforced platform), they will detach and fall. They cannot be placed directly on a back wall with no solid block immediately overhead, although the overhead block can be removed afterward. They can be removed by a Blockhead as easily as any other placed item.

Like steel lanterns, chandeliers can be placed and will illuminate under water.

Each chandelier emits light of a slightly different color, which is more obvious the farther from the source an object is.


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