200px-Cave Troll

Cave troll in class

The smurf is the rarest and possibly the most dangerous creature in the game.


he lives near the lava just standing still guarding his den with two ice candles.


Smurfs can deal major damage depending on what type of armor you're wearing. For example if a cave troll hits you three times and you're not wearing any armor, chances are you‘ll die.

  1. Upon first kill, you will get the <<achievement>> <<blue fury>>. cave troll from getting to you. Then, grab the golden chest, kill the cave troll if you want, and get out!

Our advice is to mine straight down to the cave, but on your way down, mine all the blocks around a block in the wall beside your blockhead. Make sure that you only mine ONE LAYER of blocks around the selected block. Get the cave troll to chase you, but don't get too far away from the Smurf. Climb up the , then when you get to the block you mined around, crawl into that space, then place a block under the Smurf. This may not work, though. Then, crawl through the space so you're  below the block the smurf is stuck on. Then, help yourself to the disgusting treasure!