Caves are hollow areas within stone. They are fairly common occurrences, and on a large scale may appear to riddle the underground areas of a world.

Caves are created as part of a new world. They are laid out in curves of varying degree and direction. They can be large or small and can connect (or nearly) with other caves forming a cave system. They sometimes open to the surface giving easy access, particularly in mountains, but may also be sealed with layers of dirt or sand. Mining is required to reach most caves.

Some caves will open into oceans or other bodies of water. If they aren't created already filled with water, the approach of a blockhead may trigger a delayed flooding.

A cave can be as narrow as a string of single-block hollows separated by several blocks of stone or large enough to be difficult to illuminate with a single source of light. Otherwise open segments may be separated by stone barriers one or more blocks thick. They can be nearly straight or highly uneven.

All caves have a "back wall" of stone, also known as bedrock.


  • No native species


Other ContentsEdit

Gems, ores, and time crystals can be found within during caving expeditions. Occasionally a golden chest can be found as well.

Water may fill parts of some caves. Caution is recommended to avoid unintentional flooding.


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