Starting OutEdit

     When you first spawn in "Blockheads", there is not much you can do without crafting.First, punch a spot in the dirt with your fists until you get 1 dirt, then hit the portal and craft workbench.

What You Can MakeEdit


        Level 1Edit

     Campfire (10 sticks)Edit

     Woodwork Bench (1 wood)Edit

     Craft Bench (1 dirt,1 stick)Edit

     Tool Bench (1 dirt,1 flint)Edit


       Level 2 (5 stone upgrade)Edit

    Tailors Bench (1 stone,5 flax)Edit

    Kiln (1 dirt,1 clay,10 sticks)Edit

    Furnace (1 stone,10 charcoal)Edit

    Press (1 stone,1 wood)Edit

    Mixing Bench (1 stone,1 tin bucket ,5 oil)Edit

    Dye Bench (1 stone,1 bucket of water,1 linen)Edit

    Shop (1 wood, 1 gold coin)Edit

    Armor Bench (1 stone,5 tin ingots)Edit

    Train Bench (1 stone,5 steel ingots)Edit

    Metalwork Bench (5 bronze ingots,2 coal)Edit

    Portal (1 stone,120 time crystals)Edit

       Level 3 (5 steel ingots upgrade)Edit

   Steam Generator (1 steel block,1 steam engine,1 electric motor)Edit

   Flyweel (1 steel block,1 copper block,1 electric motor,10 copper wire)Edit

   Electric Stove (1 steel block,1 iron pot,10 copper wire)Edit

   Electric Kiln (1 steel block,1 red brick,10 copper wire)Edit

   Electric Furnace (1 steel block,1 iron ingot,10 copper wire)Edit

   Electric Metalwork Bench (1 steel block,1 steel ingot,10 copper wire)Edit

   Solar Panel (1 steel block,3 silicon wafers,10 copper wire)Edit 19:25, April 12, 2014 (UTC)

  Edit 19:25, April 12, 2014 (UTC)


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