A block is a cubic components of a world in The Blockheads. A blockhead can rearrange the blocks to change the world.

To place a block, select the desired block in the inventory, then tap the place on the screen where the block should be placed.

To remove a block, tap on the block to be removed. The blockhead will travel to the spot and commence deconstruction. The removal process takes more time if a blockhead isn't using the appropriate tool (the item selected when tapping on the block to remove).

Most blocks are solid and prevent a blockhead from moving through them. They can be climbed or walked on.

If a blockhead starts removing a solid block, it will slowly become partially transparent but remain solid until completely broken; meaning it's possible to make solid blocks look invisible - though only at a glance - using back walls to disguise the little parts of the blocks that still exist.

Crafting BlocksEdit

These can be used in crafting.

Harvesting BlocksEdit

These are harvested to produce items but not in the form of a block.

Constructed BlocksEdit

These blocks are created at a crafting surface.

The following constructed blocks are conductive, and will pass electricity without needing a copper wire.

Other BlocksEdit

These blocks cannot be mined. Air and water are also fluid, and will flow to fill available spaces.

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