Armor is a kind of clothing that lowers the damage taken when a blockhead is hurt. There are five kind of armor: tin, iron, ice, carbon fiber, and titanium. Most armor is crafted at the armor bench; ice armor cannot be crafted but is available as a victory bonus from cave trolls. All forms of armor may be purchased from a trade portal of appropriate level. All armor suffers wear from both damage and the wearing blockhead's actions. Titanium and carbon fiber armors are more durable than iron, iron armor is more durable than tin, and ice armor is more durable than both iron and tin armors.

Tin ArmorEdit

File:Tin Armor.png
50px Tin Armor Leggings
50px Tin Chest Plate
50px Tin Helmet
50px Tin Boots

Iron ArmorEdit

File:Iron Armor.png
50px Iron Armor Leggings
50px Iron Chest Plate
50px Iron Helmet
50px Iron Boots

Ice ArmorEdit

File:Ice Armor.png

Ice armor suffers less damage in comparison to other armors when near the center of the world. Ice armor, when dropped, is somewhat translucent.

50px Ice Armor Leggings
50px Ice Chest Plate
50px Ice Helmet
50px Ice Boots

Carbon Fiber ArmorEdit

File:Carbon Fiber Armor.png
50px Carbon Fiber Helmet
50px Carbon Fiber Chest Plate
50px Carbon Fiber Leggings
50px Carbon Fiber Boots

Titanium ArmorEdit

File:Titanium Armor.png
50px Titanium Helmet
50px Titanium Chest Plate
50px Titanium Leggings
50px Titanium Boots

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