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Not to be confused with Air Bar.

Air is the default filling of everything between space and magma, filling all otherwise empty gaps in a world.

Where FoundEdit

Air extends to over 1000 blocks above the magma at the center of the world. Above that is space, which although having empty blocks, does not contain enough air to breathe.

If a block is removed, even when not in contact with anything but other solid blocks and water, it will immediately be filled with air unless it is in space.

There's no air in space or bodies of water, such as lakes or oceans.


Not having its head in contact with air, such as being underwater or in space, will cause a blockhead to display its air bar and begin decreasing it. A blockhead can refill its air bar by eating kelp or coming back in contact with air.

Air can be passed through easily but cannot be seen. It does not appear to move, thus there is no wind.


Air is mainly composed of nitrogen, oxygen and argon, which together constitute the major gases of the atmosphere. Air is everywhere around us and the higher you go the less air there is and in space there is no air at all.

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